Mindful Living

MIndful LIving


“Mindfulness brings perspective, balance and freedom.”        Jack Kornfield, PhD

How Mindful Living supports you:

* Live with life’s ups and downs allied with more equanimity and confidence

* Enhance your emotional intelligence, skillful communication, authenticity and empathy in relationships

* Learn to make choices with more awareness, wisdom and commitment to what you truly value

* Grow your capacity for happiness

* Transform habitual patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviors allowing you to respond with more awareness and wisdom

* Experience being more fully alive and present in each moment with greater quality of life, wellness and peace of mind

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“I like to think of mindfulness simply as conscious living. Mindfulness provides a simple yet powerful way to get unstuck and back in touch with our wisdom and natural aliveness.”                                                                       Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD


“A growing body of scientific evidence supports the reality of a profound mind-body connection and now recognizes that learning and practicing mindfulness can positively affect your sense of health and wellbeing physically, mentally, and emotionally, while simultaneously offering you a means of discovering a deeper sense of ease and peace of mind.”

        Saki Santorelli,EdD